Athan Merrick

Cinematographer + Director of Photography Vancouver, BC
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Small Fish

Director of Photography for Vancouver’s largest short film event, Crazy 8′s, short film Small Fish, directed by Maxime Beauchamp and produced by Aimer Films. The film will be making the festival rounds so just frame grabs for now.


Director of Photography on Atone, a micro budget narrative short film. Directed by Shane Brar. Awarded Best Cinematography Largo Film Festival, Best Jury Direct Online Short Film Festival, Best Drama LA Short Awards, Official Selection of National Screen Institute Online Short, LA CineFest Semi-Finalist, The Monthly, Caldas, and Creations International Film Festivals.

Official Atone Trailer (Short Film). from Shane Brar on Vimeo.


Director of Photography on Borealis, a micro budget narrative short film. Directed by Shane Brar.

Athan Merrick Cinematographer Demo Reel

Director of Photography Demo Reel. Includes all aspects of my work. Commercial, music video, narrative, art film, documentary, action sports, wildlife, and more. I strongly believe that every type of job informs every other type. My action sports background is beneficial to my commercial work. My documentary work is beneficial to narrative filming. I am proud of the diversity of work I have shot and believe it makes me a stronger cinematographer no matter the genre.

Winner of the 2018 CSC (Canadian Society of Cinematographers) Experimental/Unique Award for the art installation Uninterrupted.
Winner of Best Short Documentary (50 mins) Cinematography 2018 Leo Awards (BC Films Awards) for Numinous.

Based in Vancouver, BC with Canadian permanent residency and US citizenship so I can work on both sides of the border.

Athan Merrick Cinematographer Demo Reel from Dendrite Studios on Vimeo.

Hell Below: Smithsonian Channel

Camera Operator for 6 episode documentary series that is largely recreations of events based on interviews with historians, so most of the show is shot in a narrative fashion. Hell Below is broadcast on Smithsonian Channel and National Geographic Channel.
Produced by Parallax Films.

Intro to Hell Below: Atlantic Showdown from Parallax Film on Vimeo.

The Escape of Conrad Lard-Bottom

This is one of the first films I was Director of Photography on a decade ago in film school at UBC. Shot on super16mm film and unfortunately there was only budget to transfer at SD resolution interlaced, which these days is laughable to even consider, but at the time was a viable option. Directed by Shaun Mckinlay.

Awarded Best Student Cinematography Vancouver Short Film Festival, Audience Choice POV Film Festival and Vancouver Short Film Festival, Official Selection Student Shorts, Third Screen, Santa Fe (USA), Fresh (UK), and Victoria Film Festivals, Nominated for Best Student Short Leo Awards.

The Escape of Conrad Lard-Bottom is an 8-minute dark comedy where, following the deaths of his three brothers, his mother decides to imprison Conrad Lard-Bottom in order to protect him from the outside world. After seven years, Conrad goes insane, and decides to “dispose” of his overprotective mother, but he quickly learns that escape is more difficult than he imagined.


Johnnie is a narrative micro budget short film (50 minutes) I was the Director of Photography on for Director Billy Wong of BLM Films in Vancouver, BC Canada.