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UNINTERRUPTED blends cinematic storytelling and high-tech art installation – and in 2017 it brought the mystery of the salmon run to the heart of Vancouver 5 nights a week from June through September. The stunning images were digitally mapped and projected on the underside of the bridge surfaces – creating a half-hour of captivating cinema and sound that revealed nature’s resilience and vulnerability while immersing audiences within the river. Uninterrupted was one of the most complex digital projections ever done on the planet. Learn more at Produced by Canada Wild and directed by Nettie Wild.
Winner of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers CSC Award for Experimental/Unique Cinematography 2018.


Director of Photography and Producer for documentary Numinous. Produced by Dendrite Studios and directed by Nicolas Teichrob and Kye Petersen. Best Cinematography Short Documentary (50 mins) Leo Awards (BC Film Awards). Best Cinematography, IF3 Festival. Ski Movie of the Year, Powder Awards. More awards in description below.

from Dendrite Studios on Vimeo.

NUMINOUS – a ski film by Dendrite Studios and Kye Petersen
Awed and Attracted.
He is one of the most aggressive and talented freeskiers of our age. Born and raised in the BC backcountry, with a bloodline alive with adventure and a style carved from the landscape itself, Kye Petersen is about to blow the doors off of big mountain skiing.
Fearful yet Fascinated.
Numinous explores the relationships and connections with the natural world that are necessary to safely dance with mountain faces covered in snow. Tuning out and tuning in. Shot exclusively in British Columbia, Numinous follows Kye and a cadre of fellow snow-sliders into the heart of the some of the most aesthetic and demanding landscapes around.
Overwhelmed but Ultimately Inspired.
Featuring Kye Petersen with Matty Richard, Logan Pehota, Pep Fujas, Ryland Bell, Tatum Monod, Chris Rubens, Callum Pettit, Dane Tudor, and Wiley Miller.
In association with Patagonia, Gibbons Apres Lager, Buff, Rossignol, Whistler Blackcomb, Oakley, Coast Mountain Culture and supported by Intuition, MSR, Chatter Creek, and G3.
Powder Magazine Awards 2017
- Movie of the Year
- Best Post Production
- Best Line (Logan Pehota)
- Full Throttle (Kye Petersen)
IF3 Festival 2017
- Standout Big Mountain Film
- Best Cinematography
- Best Male Freeride Segment (Kye)
Official Selection:
High Five Festival, Annecy, France 2017
The Meeting, Aspen, CO 2017
Brescia Winterfilm, Avventura & Vita Dalla Montagna, 2017
Banff Mountain Film Festival, 2017
High Five Festival, Annecy, France 2017
Russia Ski and Snowboard Festival SNOWVISION, 2017
Steamboat Mountain Film Festival, 2017
Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival, 2018
Wasatch Mountain Film Festival, 2018
Newport Beach Film Festival, 2018
MountainFilm, 2018
“Numinous is one of those rare ski films that takes you into the heart of the action and let’s you breathe there. Long, insane, beautifully crafted action shots mixed with lingering cinema that capture all the other parts of being in the mountains: morning mist, big snows and wild storms. It’s as beautiful as it is jaw dropping. Peaceful as it is heart thumping. A must see for anyone who loves BC in winter.”
- Mitchell Scott – Editor-in-Chief, Coast & Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine

“I think Numinous represents an ever growing change in snow sport media where the creative direction and identity is more of a collaborative effort between the skiers and the filmmakers equally. The skiers are now investing with the filmmakers and putting it all on the line to make something that truly represents themselves and the current identity of skiing in a more raw, genuine, and simple display of heart and soul than previously done, rather than stuck under somebody else’s brand or vision and merely being an actor in somebody else play. Numinous is clearly representative of the cutting edge of skiing in both talent and style on both sides of the camera and strips away the unwanted fat that other ski films fall victim of and have created something truly simple and inspiring. If you consider yourself a skier, Numinous will connect to you at the very core.” – Blake Jorgenson, Photographer

“Numinous showcases some of the most breathtaking cinematography and balls-to-the-walls big mountain skiing in the history of ski filmmaking, while cementing Kye Petersen’s status as one the sport’s most revolutionary athletes” – Jeff Schmuck, Editor of Forecast Ski Magazine

“Numinous is the ski movie surprise of this Season. But is it, really? I’ts the project we have been waiting for so long from Kye Petersen and the Numinous crew. It’s a breeze of fresh air in the ski-mountain films’ ecosystem. I believe that Numinous is already a classic and an important film for the sport of skiing. The locations and performance are world class and the cinematography on point. Numinous hit the sweet spot and is to me the coolest ski movie to come out in the past few years.” – Guillaume Tessier, Veteran Cinematographer

“Thank you @banffmountainfestival! What an honor to present with so many inspired works in film and literature! The 2 standouts I was able to watch was NUMINOUS by @kyepetersen, which… my God, maybe the best riding ever…? ” – Travis Rice, Snowboarder and Filmmaker

A Walk on the Beach – Art Film

Director of Photography on A Walk on the Beach, an art film based upon the 2 1/2 mile long work of art by Michele Oka Doner at the Miami International Airport. Official selection of Miami Art Basel.

A Walk on the Beach from Hedrich Blessing Photographers on Vimeo.


Director of Photography on Atone, a micro budget narrative short film. Directed by Shane Brar. Awarded Best Cinematography Largo Film Festival, Best Jury Direct Online Short Film Festival, Best Drama LA Short Awards, Official Selection of National Screen Institute Online Short, LA CineFest Semi-Finalist, The Monthly, Caldas, and Creations International Film Festivals.

Official Atone Trailer (Short Film). from Shane Brar on Vimeo.


Director of Photography on Borealis, a micro budget narrative short film. Directed by Shane Brar.

Shi.han Fine Knives

Director and DOP for short documentary for Shihan Fine Knives.

Shi.han Fine Knives from Dendrite Studios on Vimeo.

GoodWood Atoms – The End

Director and DOP on music video for GoodWood Atoms and their song The End.

GoodWoodAtoms – The End from Dendrite Studios on Vimeo.

RYU #BeautifulTough

Director and Director of Photography on :60 sec spot for RYU. Aired on the jumbotron at Vancouver Canucks hockey games. Shot on anamorphics.

Mutant Madness

Director and Director of Photography on :60 sec spot for Mutant and their new Madness pre workout formula. Shot on Red Epic Dragon with Lomo Anamorphics.

The Malibu Fable

Director, DOP, and editor for documentary for Peak Performance Clothing featuring Dave Treadway, his young family, and Willie Goldman. Produced by Dendrite Studios. Winner Best Short Film Cinematography FESCINAT. Winner Sierra Nevada Award for Action Sports The Mountain Film Festival. Official Selection of The Edinburgh Mountain, Rossland Mountain, IF3, High Five, Cold Smoke, Kendal Mountain, UptoFest, and Andrenalin Film Festivals.

The Malibu Fable from Dendrite Studios on Vimeo.

ZGF Architects – Venter Institute

A promotional film I shot and edited for Hedrich Blessing Photographers and their client ZGF Architects. The building is for the J. Craig Venter Institute in La Jolla, California and is a very environmentally progressive, net zero building. The institute is famous for mapping the human genome.

World's First Net-Zero Energy Laboratory from ZGF Architects LLP on Vimeo.

Way of Life

Trailer from full length 2013 film Way of Life for clients Teton Gravity Research that I was a cinematographer on. Spent all winter shooting in Austria, Interior BC, and the Neacola Mountains in Alaska. Over 200 premieres in cities around the globe.

For some, embracing the mountains is not just part of life—it’s a way of life. The search for snow shapes not only how they approach these peaks, but also how they approach the world. And whether athletes spend their days dropping first descents in Alaska, lapping the local mountain, or training for the Olympics, they’re part of a community built around a shared passion. The bonds that form from this community transcend continents and cultures, transforming strangers into friends. After all, a smile on a powder day needs no translation.

Shot on location in 2013, Teton Gravity Research’s Way of Life takes you on a journey to the mountains and inside the minds of today’s top athletes. With stunning imagery created with GSS, Red Cinema, and the Sony Action Cam, this film explores the origins of skiing in Austria, the search for original lines in Alaska, and the U.S. Freeskiing Team’s quest for Olympic gold. The adventure also leads athletes to the rugged terrain of Jackson Hole and the Tetons, as well as the backcountry of British Columbia. Regardless of the terrain they ride, the athletes featured in Way of Life push the boundaries of what’s possible. This journey takes them across the globe as they form a brotherhood that needs no language.

Featured Athletes:
Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Tim Durtschi, Sammy Carlson, Dash Longe, Dana Flahr, Todd Ligare, Griffin Post, Angel Collison, Ian McIntosh, Dylan Hood, John Spriggs, Colter Hinchliffe, Max Hammer, Daniel Tisi, Willie Borm, and the US Olympic Freeskiing Team

Featured Locations:
Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Neacola Range, Alaska, Fieberbrunn, Austria; St. Anton, Austria; Zillertal-Hachfugen, Austria; Red Mountain, British Columbia; Stellar Heli, British Columbia; Selkirk Wilderness, British Columbia; Kootenay Rockies, British Columbia; Cooke City, Montana; Mammoth Mountain, California.

Pre-order your copy of Way of Life here:

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The Escape of Conrad Lard-Bottom

This is one of the first films I was Director of Photography on a decade ago in film school at UBC. Shot on super16mm film and unfortunately there was only budget to transfer at SD resolution interlaced, which these days is laughable to even consider, but at the time was a viable option. Directed by Shaun Mckinlay.

Awarded Best Student Cinematography Vancouver Short Film Festival, Audience Choice POV Film Festival and Vancouver Short Film Festival, Official Selection Student Shorts, Third Screen, Santa Fe (USA), Fresh (UK), and Victoria Film Festivals, Nominated for Best Student Short Leo Awards.

The Escape of Conrad Lard-Bottom is an 8-minute dark comedy where, following the deaths of his three brothers, his mother decides to imprison Conrad Lard-Bottom in order to protect him from the outside world. After seven years, Conrad goes insane, and decides to “dispose” of his overprotective mother, but he quickly learns that escape is more difficult than he imagined.


Johnnie is a narrative micro budget short film (50 minutes) I was the Director of Photography on for Director Billy Wong of BLM Films in Vancouver, BC Canada.