Athan Merrick

Cinematographer + Director of Photography Vancouver, BC


Canadian Cinematographer Magazine Article about shooting art installation Uninterrupted “Vancouver DP Athan Merrick on capturing Salmon Run”
“There are obvious challenges involved in shooting a film destined to be projected onto an enormous, uneven, and oddly lit structure like an urban bridge. “When I joined the project, I knew that they had chosen the Cambie Bridge as the exhibition space,” recounts Uninterrupted DP Athan Merrick. “We made a lot of decisions based on the space and orientation of the bridge. It’s very different from a screen. It’s much larger, and it’s a 360-degree environment, all above you, in front of you, and behind you, when you’re standing in the middle of the space.”

Globe and Mail Newspaper Article on art installation Uninterrupted “Exploring New Depths”
“”What I saw there changed my life. It was so profound. It was so heart-stoppingly moving and beautiful,” Wild says. “I thought I was looking at colossal, moving abstract art.” The 25-minute experience has audiences in awe – and sometimes in tears. “It’s not weeping over the tragedy of our river; they’re moved by this heartbeat that we can’t lose,” Wild says.”

 Coast Mountain Culture Magazine Article on Numinous Trailer Release
“With Numinous we are seeking to share the richest of experiences, numinous experiences, feelings of connectivity and even spirituality. At Dendrite we are huge proponents of visual storytelling and the power of the moving image married with beautiful music/sound, but sans voice. This allows the viewer to keep their own voice or emotions applied to the film as they watch it, and thus we feel a more indepth experience is then facilitated.”

Powder Magazine Article on Numinous winning “Movie of the Year” at the Powder Awards
Numinous, a stunning film that followed Kye Petersen into the mountains to pursue some of the biggest lines ever skied. A story told without words, Numinous was recognized for its artistry and vision. Add to that next-level drone footage and music, Numinous is a ski movie that deserves to be in any skier’s collection.”

Hollywood North Magazine Crazy 8′s Getting Crazier and Crazier 
“Another huge personal favourite of everyone’s, Small Fish didn’t need dialogue to deliver its point across. The visuals and the use of paint are stunning.”